Discover the Care It Difference

Welcome to Care It, the epitome of automotive detailing excellence headquartered in Pune. Our journey began on December 11, 2013, when Yatin Gandhi, a passionate Mechanical Engineer, embarked on a mission to showcase the artistry of detailing for cars and bikes. Over the past two years, Yatin diligently immersed himself in research, collaborating with experts from India and abroad to bring you the pinnacle of automotive care.

At Care It, we recognize there are those who own vehicles for style and those who are true car and bike enthusiasts—fanatics who love their machines. To all the car and bike lovers, we extend a promise: to provide your vehicles with the meticulous care they truly deserve.

Our Approach: Education and Service

At Care It, our philosophy extends beyond mere marketing; we believe in education. Before we serve you, we want you to know us well. Specializing in fine auto detailing for cars and bikes, we offer a range of services that go beyond the ordinary—car washing, polishing, cleaning, exterior and interior detailing, bike detailing, hydrographics, and tire protection.

Auto detailing is an art and a science. It's not just about dusting, washing, and polishing; it's about understanding the diverse surfaces, colors, and textures of vehicles. Our commitment lies in utilizing advanced technology and highly trained professionals to give your car or bike a glossy new makeover.

The Ultimate Makeover Experience

Care It is here to provide you with the ultimate car and bike makeover experience. We invite you to witness the transformation while our skilled professionals pamper your vehicle. All our products, machines, and equipment are sourced from Germany, USA, UK, and Italy, ensuring your vehicle receives nothing short of a luxury treatment.

Your vehicle, something you cherish deeply, deserves the utmost care and attention. We encourage you to watch as we beautify your car or bike with the same love and care you would provide. Trust Care It to elevate your automotive experience, leaving your vehicles gleaming and revitalized.

Experience the Care It difference—where passion, precision, and pampering converge to redefine car and bike detailing. Your satisfaction is our commitment, and your vehicles are in the best hands with Care It.


Our Vision
To become one of the best detailing provider from the country.We will achieve the same by continuous improvement in knowledge and services.
Our Mission.
To create awareness of Detailing to the Vehicle owner and to convince them to get it done through experts only.We should be the expert in Detailing by knowledge and services.
Our Goal
To establish the brand by the means of adding own Mobile/Stationary Units OR Through the franchises network.

Quality Policy

We at 'CARE IT' are committed to +1 Satisfaction of our valuable customers,Through the best Techniques and knowledge in Detailing, We will achieve it by continuous Training and Motivation of our Employees.

Customer Requirement + 1  = Infinite Customer Satisfaction
ZERO Complaints