Classic Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

The summer is here. The high temperatures can be tough on vehicle. Everything from paint to tyres is subject to harsher than normal condition.
Few TIPS for summer care for your vehicle:
Level of coolant is important. Check the coolant level when radiator is cool.
Tyres can create heat and can expand and create air pressure. This causes tyres to become hard and are more likely to blast. Keep the pressure a little low than normal.
Clean the air and A.C filters and A.C ducts to keep the air flowing properly. A proper working A.C means more mileage.[...]


Teflon coating - one of the biggest scams in India

I am sure most of us would have been offered \ advised to go for Teflon coating to protect the paint of our car. 

Before one gets in to detail of what exactly is Teflon and what they offer, consider this - Automobile detailing is not yet big in India like it is in other countries, but if you ask about Teflon coating in any of the well-known international forums, most of the people will draw a blank, but in India, even the aamadmi knows about it. Ever wondered why it is immensely popular only in India?

Let us get the facts clear before we move on with what happens when you get Teflon coating done.

Teflon is the brand name of DuPont for thei[...]